Challenge sustainability in the exclusive luxury industry

Transparant sustainability eyeglasses with amber lenses from luxury industry and sea in the background

Luxury brands within the Eyewear and luxury industry, like other businesses, are under pressure to address environmental, social, and ethical challenges such as climate change, resource scarcity, water stress, child and forced labor, bribery, and corruption.  

Luxury fashion firms, like other corporations in the last decade, have jumped on the sustainability and CSR publicity bandwagon. Although a growing number of luxury brands have taken efforts to publish their sustainability practices, the overall industry’s capacity to deliver on its claims remains in doubt.

What Sustainability challenges are present in the luxury industry?

Environmental Sustainability

For starters, global, complicated, and difficult-to-trace supply networks make ensuring sustainable materials increasingly challenging. According to environmental studies conducted by Kering, 75 percent of the total environmental impact is generated at the start of the supply chain, with 50 percent of the impacts associated with raw materials production (cotton growing, cattle farming, ore/metal mining, and so on). Furthermore, an additional 25% of its consequences are related with raw material processing (including leather, metals, and textile spinning).

Social and ethical Sustainability

Despite (or perhaps because of) the reputation for frivolity, research has revealed that luxury shoppers experience a sense of guilt. On the plus side, numerous surveys conducted by companies such as Bain and Boston Consulting Group have revealed that luxury consumers care about sustainability, purpose, and impact. Indeed, many people have already proved their willingness to do good through donation.

Sustainability within AKA SAVRAN

Within the organisation, we are aim to disrupt and challenge the current Luxury and Luxury Eyewear industry. Luxury eyewear is often the entry point of the newer luxury audience and at AKA SAVRAN we believe that eyewear must play its role within improving sustainability. 

At AKA SAVRAN we improve sustainability by providing biodegradable Acetate to our community and by utilizing sustainable materials such as Metal and Titanium while limiting our use of Plastic.

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