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From Powerful Sunglasses History To The Best Of Modern Times

From their humble roots in ancient China, sunglasses history and their story have gone a long way. They have developed throughout the years from an utilitarian requirement to protect the eyes from the sun to a fashionable item that is a must-have for fashion-conscious people. We will travel through the history of sunglasses, from their inception to their current role as a fashion symbol, in this blog.

statue of an ancient chinese worker which reminds of sunglasses history which originated in ancient china

What is the history of sunglasses?

The Early Days

Around the 12th century, the ancient Chinese created the first known sunglasses. They were constructed of smokey quartz and were intended to shield the workers’ eyes from the hot sun as they worked in the fields. The sunglasses available at the time were flat panels that only shielded the upper part of the eyes, but they were a significant improvement over having no protection at all.

When did the modern era start with sunglasses ?

In the west the modern era started in 1936

Sunglasses did not become a fashion statement until the 1930s. Ray-Ban developed the Aviator type in 1936, which quickly became a must-have for pilots and troops during World War II. Ray-Ban began selling the Aviator to the broader public after the war, and the sunglasses became a symbol of cool.

The Rise of Designer Sunglasses

Sunglasses grew even more fashionable in the 1960s and 1970s, with major companies such as Gucci, Dior, and Chanel creating their own styles. This era’s sunglasses were generally large and vividly coloured, representing the fun and carefree mood of the period.

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The Present Day​ Compared to Sunglasses History

Sunglasses are now an integral element of any fashionista’s attire. There is a pair of sunglasses to fit everyone’s style, from traditional types like the Aviator and Wayfarer to more modern and unusual designs. Brands like AKA SAVRAN and Port Tanger continue to innovate, developing new materials and technology to give the best sun protection.


Since their origin in ancient China, sunglasses have gone a long way. Sunglasses have played a significant role in our history and society, from basic protection for field workers to a fashion statement for the cool and chic. It’s intriguing to see what the future holds for sunglasses, given their ongoing invention and progress.

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