luxury retro sunglasses, one of the hottest styles for upcoming season

The Top 10 Sunglasses: The Ultimate Guide To The Best Styles

Summer is almost approaching, and with it, the return of sunglasses is a must-have item. There are many beautiful styles to pick from this season, whether you want a statement piece or a more subtle touch to your ensemble.

What are the best Sunglasses styles for the summer?

The best styles from Cat-Eye to Aviator

  1. Cat Eye – With bold, large frames, this traditional design receives a modern twist.
  2. Round – From John Lennon-inspired wire frames to retro-chic plastic shapes, round sunglasses are a timeless style.
  3. Oversized – Make a bold statement with sunglasses as large as your personality.
  4. Aviator – A classic style that never goes out of style, aviators are a wardrobe must-have.
  5. Retro sunglasses, inspired by the 1980s and 1990s, have thick frames and bright hues.
  6. Reflective Lenses – Create a futuristic aesthetic by using lenses that reflect light.
  7. Color-Blocked – A mixture of two or more colours in one frame, color-blocking is an excellent method to add a splash of colour to your ensemble.
  8. Geometric – Angular frames with unusual forms create a strong statement.
  9. Sporty sunglasses have wrap-around lenses and secure fittings, making them ideal for outdoor sports.
  10. Clear – Transparent frames are a minimalist style ideal for people who prefer a more subdued appearance.

What about diversity and inclusion

People with all kinds of skin tones must be able to get sunglasses that complement their style!

And what about inclusion and diversity? Sunglasses are not only a fashionable accessory, but they also protect our eyes from dangerous UV rays. It is critical that everyone, regardless of skin tone, be able to select a pair of sunglasses that not only complements their style but also provides enough protection. People with a darker complexion may require more UV protection, therefore it is critical that sunglasses meet this requirement.

Look for sunglasses with excellent levels of UV protection and polarised lenses to accommodate a wide variety of skin tones. Polarized lenses minimise glare, making them an excellent choice for persons with darker skin tones who are more prone to glare-related problems. AKA SAVRAN is a brand that offers a variety of solutions for different skin tones.

black women wearing black sunglasses in luxury attire with a sportcar behing her

Finally, sunglasses are not just a fashion statement, but also an important instrument for eye protection. Choose from the top ten trends this season to pick a pair that not only complements your style but also gives enough protection, regardless of your skin tone. We can guarantee that everyone has access to the protection they require by embracing diversity and inclusion.

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