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The Perfect Asian Fit: 3 of The Best Luxury Sunglasses

If you’re an Asian with an ‘Asian fit’, which is a distinct facial structure, finding luxury sunglasses that fit well and complement your features can be especially challenging as mentioned by another industry expert. A rising number of eyewear brands have stepped forward to address the issue by providing clients with the option of purchasing sunglasses with an Asian fit, sometimes known colloquially as an alternative fit.

In this article, we’ll explore the best sunglasses for Asian faces, highlighting key features to look for and top styles to consider.

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How To Get The Perfect Asian Fit Sunglasses?

Asian fit sunglasses often feature a smaller nose bridge to prevent slippage, longer nose pads to assist how the frames sit on the nose, and a flatter curve on the frames to avoid the irritating feeling of having your sunglasses bounce against your cheekbones.

Fit: A comfortable and secure fit is crucial when it comes to sunglasses. Look for frames that fit your face well and stay in place, without slipping or sliding down your nose!

Bridge: The bridge of the sunglasses should fit comfortably across the bridge of your nose. If the bridge is too wide, it can sit awkwardly on your face, while a narrow bridge may cause pressure on the sides of your nose.

Lens Size: Bigger lenses will provide better sun protection, but if they’re too large, they can overwhelm your beautiful face. On the other hand, small lenses can make your face look disproportionate. Look for a balance that provides adequate coverage without unnecessarily overwhelming your lovely face.

Frame Material: Durable frame materials such as titanium or stainless steel are a good choice, as they are less likely to break or become damaged over time which will lead to unnecessary spending of both your time and money.

What Are The Best Luxury Styles?

Aviators, Timeless Classic

Aviator is a very fantastic style for all wearers since it is a design that will never go out of style. This set of sunglasses is recommended for more than simply its Aviator style. The Clique Aviator Sunglasses features a smaller nose bridge than other types, making it more suitable for Asian nose bridges. When you wear it, you will never doubt if you will ever be able to find sunglasses that fit you.

Cat Eyes For Prominent Asian Features

Because Asian facial shapes are predominantly diamond-shaped and round, cat-eye sunglasses are nearly tailor-made for Asian individuals. Habibi’s medium size keeps the Asian slim eyes from seeming too tiny in the frame. The cat-eye frame’s style, which is broad at the top and thin at the bottom, may also conceal the features of prominent Asian cheekbones. Habibi is an excellent alternative to attempt if you want a pair of sunglasses that accentuate your femininity while also modifying your face characteristics nicely.

Oversized Sunglasses perfectly complements the Asian Faces!

The vibrancy of summer is reflected in the gradient lens colour of Lunaire. Light green glasses complement Asian skin tones, emphasising their delicate and introspective personality. If you don’t want to wear dark shades and want to show off your more active and charming side, try Lunaire; it will provide you with an experience unlike any other.

The three luxury sunglasses by AKA SAVRAN for the perfect Asian fit are summarised above for you. However, the categorisation is eventually biased. In addition to combining the factors discussed in the article, you should evaluate your own facial characteristics and pick a style that is more appropriate for you. We hope you found this essay useful.

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